My Day Off!

Today I decided to take a day off, after all it is Friday and who doesn’t love a three day weekend! I had a lot of cleaning to do around the apartment. The constant shedding is never ending! I love my girls but I am constantly cleaning after them. I desperately need a Roomba. Anyone want to get me one for my birthday?

After hours of cleaning and my girls being so well behaved and staying out of the way I decided to reward them with some one on one with mommy. My Nova loves to play fetch and swim so I decided to take her to the Cedar Bark Park. This park is amazing! If it weren’t 20 minutes away I would take her a lot more often. It is divided in three sections; one section is for big dogs, the next is for small dogs and the biggest section has a large pond for big dogs but small dogs are also welcomed at the owners discretion. Nova loves swimming after the ball. We were out there like 30 minutes and since it was still business hours it wasn’t crowded. The part that is so neat about this dog park is that it has a wash area. So on our way out I was able to give Nova a bath and get all the stinky pond smell out of her. Last thing I want is my freshly clean apartment to smell like wet dog with a hint of pond.

My darling, Laika, loves going on long walks. I decided to spend a nice evening with Laika at Brushy Creek. There’s a nice trail for us to walk with a great view of the creek and lots of new smells for her to sniff. The weather was perfect. It was cloudy because it’s suppose to rain later tonight and there was a nice wind blowing. We were out there about 45 minutes. Loved this relaxing walk with my old lady.

I love being able to get away from the routine from time to time and spend time with my girls separately. I know they enjoy the extra attention they get from me and due to work they aren’t always able to spend quality time with me everyday. It was a great day. It was nice to just slow down a bit and enjoy the view and the company I had.


Meet Laika, Luna and Nova

I’m the proud mommy of three beautiful girls names Laika, Luna and Nova. My girls are my world! I’m sure every dog owner can understand the love we have for our babies. When I am at work they are all I think about. I’m always on the search for new places to take them on adventures. I love them so much!

IMG_8297Laika is an 8 year old chocolate lab mix. For the most part she is really mellow however she does her puppy days where she’s full of energy and starts running around like a crazy dog and just wants to play. This usually only lasts like 10 minutes. Laika loves going on walks. She always knows when I’m having a bad day and I’m in need of some cheering up. She’ll come next to me and snuggle and give me kisses. She’s super sweet. She’s always ready to please and in return she just wants to be taken out on walks. I love walking with her. She keeps my pace and walking with her is just relaxing. Sometimes I just need a long walk after a long day at work.
My Luna is just adorable. She is a 2 year old German shepherd. She is actually my
boyfriends dog but I love her like if she were my own. She IMG_2735loves to play tug-a-war with Nova. They can go at it for a while. I love playing hide the treat with her and watching her find the treats that the other dogs can’treach. I love that from the three her personality is definitely in between. She can be mellow but she can also be hyper. She has a good balance. I think I let her get away with things when she’s with me because she wouldn’t be able to with her dad.


Nova is a 2 year old black lab mix. I think she may be mixed with plott hound. My Nova is the hyper one of the bunch. She’s always ready to play no matter what time it is. She’s very food motivated, so it’s been easier to teach her new tricks in comparison to the other two girls. I always wanted a dog that I could play fetch with and I got that with Nova. She’s true to her retriever side. She loves playing fetch and loves going for a swim.