Bowling Night

Bowling night at Dart Bowl! My brother’s school had an event for two free hours of bowling for the kids and their family. My brother, Benjamin, hasn’t gone bowling before so this was a first for him and my mom. We played a total of three games in those two hours. At first my little brother was having a difficult time keeping the bowling ball in the center and you can tell he was getting frustrated and not having as much fun as the other kids so we decided to put the gutter rails for him. He immediately started having a lot more fun! He even won a game. Love seeing my little brother having fun. He’s only 10 years old so he doesn’t have other kids around his age in the family to play with. Trying to find new things for him to try is always a goal of my parents and I.

Lake Time!

Unexpected plIMG_9639ans are the best! The original plan was to take Luna and Nova to the grand opening of a new dog splash park in Pflugerville. I was so excited because Nova loves water and a splash park sounds like something that is needed in town. However, when we got there it was pack! I should have expected that considering that it was the grand opening. The line was so long to get into the splash area and they were taking turns letting the small dogs in and the large dogs. It was so hot and my boyfriend and I didn’t want to wait in line for the girls to go in the water for a few minutes so we decided to drive a few extra minutes to the Pflugerville Lake. We found a spot away from the crowd and let the girls off leash. They swam so much. It was absolutely something they both needed. My curious Nova found a dead fish floating around and I thought she would try to eat it but thankfully she just sniffed it and tossed it around. The girls were exhausted afterwards which makes me really happy. It was a perfect day! Can’t wait for more days at the lake with the girls.


Meet Laika, Luna and Nova

I’m the proud mommy of three beautiful girls names Laika, Luna and Nova. My girls are my world! I’m sure every dog owner can understand the love we have for our babies. When I am at work they are all I think about. I’m always on the search for new places to take them on adventures. I love them so much!

IMG_8297Laika is an 8 year old chocolate lab mix. For the most part she is really mellow however she does her puppy days where she’s full of energy and starts running around like a crazy dog and just wants to play. This usually only lasts like 10 minutes. Laika loves going on walks. She always knows when I’m having a bad day and I’m in need of some cheering up. She’ll come next to me and snuggle and give me kisses. She’s super sweet. She’s always ready to please and in return she just wants to be taken out on walks. I love walking with her. She keeps my pace and walking with her is just relaxing. Sometimes I just need a long walk after a long day at work.
My Luna is just adorable. She is a 2 year old German shepherd. She is actually my
boyfriends dog but I love her like if she were my own. She IMG_2735loves to play tug-a-war with Nova. They can go at it for a while. I love playing hide the treat with her and watching her find the treats that the other dogs can’treach. I love that from the three her personality is definitely in between. She can be mellow but she can also be hyper. She has a good balance. I think I let her get away with things when she’s with me because she wouldn’t be able to with her dad.


Nova is a 2 year old black lab mix. I think she may be mixed with plott hound. My Nova is the hyper one of the bunch. She’s always ready to play no matter what time it is. She’s very food motivated, so it’s been easier to teach her new tricks in comparison to the other two girls. I always wanted a dog that I could play fetch with and I got that with Nova. She’s true to her retriever side. She loves playing fetch and loves going for a swim.

Birthday Celebrations

My boyfriend, Marcos, turned 25 this past weekend! He has never been big on celebrating his birthday all he wanted for his birthday this year was to go out with his close friends and kayak on Town Lake. So we did just that. The weather man had threatened with 40-60% change of rain this weekend but it is Austin and anything can happen. Thankfully the morning we went to the lake it was just cloudy and perfect for kayaking.  One of his friends brought her paddle board and Marcos really wanted to give it a try but he was stuck in the kayak with me so I guess that means we need to go back to the lake really soon to try the paddle boards. Hope I don’t fall off. I have been wanting to take my dogs to the lake, hopefully they can stay put and not jump off.

The following day we went out to eat with his parents and more of his friends. The food at Casa Chapala is literally the best Mexican food I have ever tried, with the exception of my mom’s home cooked Mexican food.  It’s a must try if you are ever in north Austin. One of Marcos’s friend gave him an Office inspired birthday present, in it was a Dundie Award Trophy. He hates me for not being into the Office as much as he is. I swear he has seen all the Office episodes on Netflix like 10 times.

Overall, Marcos had an amazing time with his friends and family. I’m glad I was able to share another birthday with him. I’m so proud of him. It’s been great seeing him grow up into the man he is today. For those of you that don’t know, Marcos and I started dating when he was 14 and I was 16. It’s been quite the love story.

I finally did it!

I finally became a gym member! But not just any gym, LifeTime Fitness. It’s such an amazing gym. Literally just need a bed. It has EVERYTHING you could possibly need. Why did I do it? They offer group classes that I was interested in. I have a hard time staying motivated when it comes to working out. I’m able to do it for a while and then life happens and I just get too busy to even make time to go to the gym.

I have been wanting to try out kickboxing and they offer that! Seems like such a fun way to get a workout and help me stick to my goal. And they also have rock climbing! I know I’m just going on and on about this gym but it is really awesome…should be for how much I’m paying for it. I gave the rock climbing a try with my boyfriend, Marcos, and loved it. Definitely seems like it’s a hobby we both want to do together. Couples that workout together stay together! Right?